Handcrafted Wines for the Livermore Valley

BoaVentura de Caires Winery is dedicated to creating delectable, approachable wines for every household.

We strive for the same qualities in our hand-crafted, estate-grown vintages as we do in the art of winemaking: originality, integrity, and complexity. As a result, our wines please the palate without demanding attention.


Hand Crafted Wines

BoaVentura wines are truly handmade. The grapes are hand-picked and Brett and Monique take pride in crafting wines that BoaVentura Baptiste de Caires would be proud of. After all, his spirit is in the name of the winery, Boa Ventura, or “Good Venture.”

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Join Us in the Vineyard

The Caires estate offers spectacular views of rolling hills stretched out among painted skies, creating the perfect setting for growing the most delectable yet unpretentious wines California has to offer.

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Why Join BoaVentura de Caries Wine Club?

BoaVenture wine club membership offers you priority access to wines only available from the winery, shipped to you four times a year. In addition, membership avails special pricing on wines, complimentary tastings and tours when visiting, invitations to special events and a host of perks with no cost to join.

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Take a Look Around

Take a look at the vineyard and event at BoaVenture. See the property, the parties, weddings, and the special moment captured through out the years. See why we love this place.


Special Day Special Place

Family owned and operated for over 20 years, there is not one detail that will be missed. We take pride in our labor of love and truly care about making your event and wedding day special.


BoaVentura de Caries Wines

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