Fall 2012

Get Out Your Old Jeans And Trusty Boots…
The Uvas Are Coming!!

Under a veil of October mist, our crew of veterans, eager interns, and even a couple wine club members were up and at ‘em by seven a.m., hot coffee courtesy of Brett’s French press and grape knives in hand, ready to race down the rows of Syrah and Zinfandel.  For some, it was their first time helping out with a harvest, while it was business as usual for others like Brett and his right-hand man Adrienne.  The rookies were quick learners and, in no time, everyone had the routine down: pick a cluster, cut a cluster, drop a cluster, and work your way on down the row.  A couple hours later, thoroughly dirty and sticky, four tons of fruit were loaded-up and ready to go, it was time to crush.

BoaVentura Harvest

Let’s Talk Numbers…

We lucked out with the weather this year. Fruit was ripe and ready to be picked in October, a month earlier than 2011 and 2010’s vintages. Temperatures were relatively mild, with barely any rain to compete with, and there were no babies on the immediate horizon. (BTW, Happy First Birthday Indio!)

This was the first year in BoaVentura de Caires history that the front vineyard, which we use to make our Maroon Label Cabernet, was ready to pick before the back vineyard, which we use to make our Green Label Cabernet. And, it was a lower yield of fruit than years past. Both the front and back produced about 2.5 tons a piece for a grand total of five tons. However, the quality of the fruit itself was as solid as ever. Our Winemaker/Owner/All around Good Guy Brett Caires predicts 2012’s vintage gives Cab fans a lot to look forward to. “The fruit had good balance and ripeness,” he said. “The Syrah was particularly nice. Overall, it was a good harvest.”

With the 2012 harvest in the bag, or barrel I should say, all there’s left to do is enjoy the holidays, polish off our stockpile of 2010 Black Label, and wait…

Hopefully, there’s barrel tasting in our future! ;)